Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on September 1st, 2022

1. Can I use other private blockchain wallets to pair with p(x)Change?

No. Currently you can use only f(x)Wallet to pair with p(x)Change. To pair with p(x)Change, a blockchain wallet needs to integrate with the authorization protocol developed by Function X. We are looking forward to cooperating with other private blockchain wallet providers in the future.

2. Can I pair with another f(x)wallet once p(x)Change is paired with someone’s wallet?

Yes. Before pairing with another f(x)Wallet, you’ll need to de-authorize the current f(x)wallet on your p(x)Change. To revoke a wallet’s authorization, please tap ⚙️(Settings) in the upper right corner and choose Reset Account.
Currently, each p(x)Change device can be paired with only one f(x)Wallet address at a time.

3. Will my private key be saved within the p(x)Change when disconnected?

Yes. Once the authorization is completed, your private key would be stored on the p(x)Change module in a secure way.
When you revoke the authorization via the Reset Account option (see Q2 above), the saved private key would be removed.

4. There are coins on the supported blockchain not listed on the p(x)Change menu, such as Doge coin, Shiba Inu or Dogelon. How to make them available so that I can accept these coins via p(x)Change?

As these coins are on the blockchains supported by p(x)Change, in fact, you can receive them via p(x)Change. You just can’t view the coins you’ve received(or the transaction records) in p(x)Change because these coins are not listed on the menu. For now, these coins (and the transaction records) could be viewed in the paired f(x)Wallet only.
On top of major coins/tokens, we are seeking to establish a way for the community and merchants to decide which altcoins to be listed on the p(x)Change menu as part of routine update.