How to win rewards as a beta tester

How to complete the task
Register XPOS IMEI, download f(x)Wallet and receive test tokens from faucet or fill in the Google form to request
Fill in the form​
2 XCards
Recommend friends to download f(x)Wallet
  • Invite friends to participate the testing, take video, share on social media and tag both Function X and Pundi X offcial social media handles.
  • Make transaction via XChange video and share on social media
4 XCards each for selected candidate. The video has to be orginal and created by the participants.
Promote and educate
  • Produce XChange and XScan education videos and share on witter, Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok, tag Pundi X, DevXBlockchain, Function X official account
10 XCards, pick 5 best winners.
Bug Hunter
  • Find significant bugs or security vulnerabilities
  • Fill in the form.
10 XCards each for selected winners
Constructive feedback
  • Provide constructive feedback that can improve users' experience
  • Fill in the form​
10 XCards each for selected winners.